An Indoor Picnic for Earth Day

Every year Earth Day comes rolling around… And while it’s a holiday that should deserve a lot of attention, it doesn’t always get that! At least, that’s what I noticed in the department of Earth Day celebration inspo on the blogosphere! That’s why I felt it necessary to fill the gap, and deliver to you just that. I brought together a team of talented vendors to curate an indoor picnic and the results were beautiful! If you would like to celebrate this holiday, read more about how I put together an indoor picnic for Earth Day.

An Indoor Picnic for Earth Day

An Indoor Picnic for Earth Day The Vendors:

Event Stylist: Myself 🙂 

Organic Wine: Vinebox

Soy Candles: Chez Lapin

Calligraphy: Rachkay Calligraphy

Sweets: Sweet Dreams by Allison

Florals: Maychester Design

Linens: The Lesser Bear

How to put Together an Indoor Picnic

Throwing together a fun little indoor picnic doesn’t have to require much effort! My process included picking sweets to munch on, a drink to sip and pretty flowers to surround myself with. Let’s dive a little deeper into what all the goods are that were included in this picnic..

The Food + Drinks:

I wanted something sweet to munch on (because I have a sweet tooth that can’t be tamed), so I asked Allison to make mini cakes garnished with fresh herbs and pies. Because, they’re a picnic staple, so why not? And for a great drink, I enjoyed this month’s Vinebox. Vinebox’s wine is organic and sustainably farmed, so it was only fitting to enjoy for an Earth Day celebration!

The Decor:

I simply couldn’t have an Earth Day celebration without flowers! May and I decided to go with dried flowers for the floral bouquet and the results were stunning. I love how dried flowers create a way to give new life to blooms that are no longer alive. It’s better for the environment the more we recycle, so why not dry out your flowers and repurpose them in a bouquet? Stretch your creativity a little and give this a try! Plus, dried flowers are so on trend this season in the wedding world, so give it a go!

When it comes to inviting friends over for this fun little get together, go the old fashioned route and mail them an invitation! Support a local calligrapher and try mailing out a similar design to what Rachel and I dreamed up. She also went ahead and made a beautiful “Save our planet, raise a hippie,” wood sign. I thought that added such a fun element to the decor line up. Another sustainable, more eco-friendly decor option is hand-dyed cheese cloth table runners. I draped my pink table runner from The Lesser Bear, on the couch, but it’d also look really cute draped on the floor, under trays of food!

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