A Weekend Cabin Escape to Cherry Ridge Retreat

What’s better than a winter weekend getaway to a cabin? I don’t know about you, but when the offer is extended to journey to a location as beautiful and adventurous as Hocking Hills, Ohio, it’s simply too good to pass up. Normally around this time of year I’m feeling a bit of burn out. Fortunately that typical seasonal lull hasn’t hit me as hard as it has in the past. (Thank god lol) BUT, a trip is always welcomed in my book! If you live in or around the Pittsburgh area Hocking Hills, Ohio is a relativly short trip, being just a short 3 hours away. And when you’re on the hunt for accommodations that will leave you feeling rested and taken care of, Cherry Ridge Retreat should be at the forefront of your search!  Let me lay out the many reasons why… Scroll to the very bottom of this post for a special discount on your stay!


A Weekend Cabin Escape to Cherry Ridge Retreat

Cherry Ridge Retreat

How often do you go on trips with the sole motivation of relaxation? I find that I have the best of intentions to do just that, but oftentimes I slowly add on various little things to do during the planning process. Then, before I know it, the trip has become 80% exploration and activity with just 20% resulting in rest. What I love about Cherry Ridge Retreat, is that their grounds are beautiful, large and filled with luxury cabins spread out for privacy, in a location that is away from all the hustle and bustle. That’s one of the many ways that they provide you with the proper environment for relaxation.

It puts you in the right headspace for a restful approach to your getaway and makes staying in cozied up under a blanket by the fire far more appealing than running around. 

Cherry Ridge Retreat

My favorite thing to do on our trip was sleep in and make breakfast while playing my Simon & Garfunkel record. Bringing my record player was the BEST decision and I highly recommend you pack yours too, if you have one!

We stayed in the Still Waters Cabin at Cherry Ridge. When you walk in, you’ll see that there’s a full kitchen and living room with a fireplace and tv. When you walk down the short hallway, there is a bathroom to the left and the first bedroom to the left. Up the set of stairs, is another comfortable bedroom too! We stayed in the one on the first floor. I loved that this bedroom had the same fireplace in it as well because it was on the wall facing the living room.

Cherry Ridge Retreat Cherry Ridge Retreat

What we did at Cherry Ridge:

There are many ways to take it easy around the Cherry Ridge Retreat. Our favorite thing to do as I described above, was to sleep in and make breakfast while listening to our favorite records. Matt took a walk down to the catch and release pond just down the hill from our cabin. He really liked that Cherry Ridge has something like this, as a long time fisher.

We cooked all of our meals, but there are restaurants surrounding the area within 20 minutes away. We enjoyed our meals watching The Twilight Zone, one of our favorite shows! They have a tv that you can log into your Netflix account, which was another amenity we were really happy to find. After eating we would maybe read a book, or journal about our experience in what I created for Matt as a Christmas present, called “our adventure book.” It’s a keepsake where we document memories, milestones together and most importantly, all of our adventures!

Matt and I were so happy to find that all cabins at Cherry Ridge have hot tubs! My suggestion is to pop open a bottle of rosé, or if you’re like me, mix yourself a ginger beer + tequila combo, and enjoy the warmth of a good hot tub soak. In the evening after drying off, I cooked us up another meal, then we played games and watched a movie or two on Netflix. I can’t tell you how nice something as simple as cuddling up on the couch cozy by the fire with your special person is during this time of the year. It’s so important to take a step back and go somewhere not for the Instagram photo-ops or activities, but to relax, connect with nature a little, and take a deep breath. We definitely hope to be back, because Matt and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Also, here’s a little treat for you, when you go to book your stay!

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