Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh: De Fer Coffee & Tea

This week I tested out a newcomer on the Pittsburgh coffee scene and I’m very excited to share all about my experience! Whether you’re from Pittsburgh or just visiting, you’ll want to read all about which coffee shop it is. If you’re always on the hunt for the coolest coffee shops to hit in town, let me do the hard work for you. I’m happy to explore, test out and share with you the best spots around! In fact, if you’d like to see some of my other recommendations, check out the links below. Yep, I bet you’re about to make a little weekend to-do list after all this reading. 😉 But really though, you should totally hit all these spots one weekend for the ultimate coffee crawl. If you take me up on this, you’ll be in latte heaven. Promise! New weekend ritual, anyone?


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Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh:

De Fer Coffee & Tea


So what’s this new hot spot for a good coffee, that just recently popped up? De Fer Coffee & Tea is the name and they’re actually not just good for a cup of coffee alone. Curious why? Let’s talk about it. Upon visiting them, the first thing I noticed about this coffee shop was the location! De Fer is situated in the heart of the Strip District! (talk about a prime location) It’s also right down the street from Peace, Love and Little Donuts and right across from one of my favorite flower booths.

So yeah, you could totally order a latte, hang out for a bit and then grab a bouquet of flowers before you head home! And I mean come on, is there a more winning combo than coffee and flowers? I think not. 😉 De Fer is located in a convenient location and I can’t help but feel it’d be the perfect Saturday morning spot to stop by first, before doing a little grocery shopping and flower picking.

What to Order: 

When I popped in this week to scope out the new spot, I ordered a red eye iced coffee with added lavender flavor. My thoughts? I’m a forever fan! For those of you who haven’t jumped on the lavender train yet, I highly recommend you catch up. This flavor is absolutely divine in coffee and I really enjoyed it in mine! I didn’t just stop at coffee either. De Fer has an extensive menu of coffee and tea offerings, breakfast foods, meat & cheese plates, paninis, cocktails, beer and wine. Yeah, that’s a pretty amazing variety of food and drinks if you ask me.

As far as food goes, I ordered the coffee & cream Belgian waffles with whipped cream and fruit on top. These waffles are made with buttermilk, ricotta and espresso. Um, yum! Another thing to note, the maple syrup is locally sourced and boy can you tell. Store bought maple syrup has nothing on the local kind they top their Belgian waffles off with. I also found the whipped cream to be extremely yummy as well, it kind of blew my taste buds away with how rich and creamy it was!

In short, I was in food heaven after finishing those amazing Belgian waffles. They also offer buckwheat Belgian waffles, if you want to go a more healthier route with your waffles. I know what you’re thinking, so many delicious food offerings, how do you pick just one thing to eat? The answer is, you don’t! You should definitely come ready to taste test many different types of food. I would order the coffee & cream Belgian waffles with the Ricotta, Honey & Toasted Pine Nuts toast and a good coffee or tea to wash it all down.

 The Vibe: 

The thing I probably love most about De Fer, is the excess of space! Oftentimes you’ll find with these coffee shops situated in the city, that there can tend to be a lack of space. Seats get taken up fast and it feels a bit cramped. One thing I can say, is that you’ll never feel cramped at De Fer. They also have a beautiful, large window bringing in a lot of natural light and creating the perfect lighting conditions to snap a quick Instagram photo, too!

When taking photos here, I had a blast utilizing the wallpapered walls as a photo backdrop. I love visiting coffee shops that put time and care into every detail of their business. It’s very evident that at De Fer, the thought doesn’t end at the coffee menu. They pushed past that and put time and thought into decorating this space so that it would be truly photogenic and worth spending a Saturday morning in.

More than just coffee sold here..

What sticks out to me as well, is that they sell other local businesses product in their shop. I love seeing this kind of community support in any local business. It’s always very admirable to be the type of business that aims to help lift up and support others. I was happy to find one of my favorite local businesses, Chez Lapin Goods sold here. I did a full blog post dedicated to my favorite products by this Etsy shop and wrote all about their wonderful mission to donate a portion of their profits to bunny rescues. Among other local businesses products, you’ll also find that De Fer sells their very own brand of coffee and tea, so you can taste that amazing flavor from the comfort of your home!

Overall, I’m quite the fan of this new Pittsburgh coffee shop. I cannot recommend them enough but I also want to hear your thoughts below. What do you think of De Fer Coffee & Tea? Have you visited them yet or is it on your to-do list to visit this weekend? Make sure you pay them a visit soon and let me know your thoughts. I promise it will be well worth your time and money. So go out and support a local business today!

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