How & Why I’m Incorporating Turmeric Into my Skincare Routine

Brace yourselves because it’s about to get really yellow in a second here.. That’s right, we’re talking about turmeric and all of it’s amazing, beneficial properties for the skin! As of late, this little miracle worker has made it’s way into my skincare routine. I’m just filled with excitement to share with you just why I have decided to add turmeric into my routine and the products I’m using that contain it. Looking to switch up your routine? Than let me share with you how & why I’m incorporating turmeric into my skincare routine. Your skin will surely thank you, if you take my advice! In addition to discussing why turmeric is so good for you, I’m talking about an amazing brand on a mission, Yllo Beauty! If you’re ready to switch up your skincare game, than keep on reading!


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How & Why I’m Incorporating Turmeric

Into my Skincare Routine


// Before we dive into todays post, I just want to state that all thoughts and opinions within this post are my own. //


So what’s the deal with turmeric?

Well, there’s a lot so let’s jump right into it..


Turmeric helps fight the following:

– Oilness

Turmeric is great for those with oily skin because it has natural oil-controlling properties.

– Delays the appearance of aging

Thinking of ways to delay signs of aging? Such a habit would be wise, regardless of your age! Turmeric works at preventing the appearance of aging, as it contains antioxidants which help protect against environmental stressors.

– Fades the appearance of dark spots

Having issues with dark spots? Allow this ancient beauty helper to come to the rescue! Turmeric can fade the appearance of dark spots by lightening and brightening the skin. It surely is worth the try.

– Great for sensitive skin

Turmeric is great in the way that it contains many mineral and antioxidant rich properties that gently nourish the skin!


The sulfur rich products:

Now let’s talk about the sulfur rich products I’m currently using! These two products are a turmeric face scrub and mask from Yllo Beauty. If you’ve never used turmeric or Yllo Beautie’s face masks and scrubs before, allow me to share with you how to use them!


How to use the face mask & scrub:

Step One: Mix 1 tablespoon of mask with 1.5 teaspoons of water, rosewater, or diluted apple cider vinegar. Using a brush, apply a thick layer evenly over fresh face. (I didn’t have a good brush for this, so I just applied it with my fingers.)

Step Two: Stay yellow for 15 minutes or until mask is dry. Maybe take a cute picture for the gram. 😉

Step Three: Remoisten mask and rinse well.

Step Four:  Use a gentle cleaner if any yellow remains. Repeat 2-3 times a week.

A brand with a cause..

These products come from an amazing brand I need to take a moment to gush about! To truly do their mission justice, I’m including information straight from their website below about how Yllo Beauty is on the honorable mission to end child marriage.


“In many South Asian cultures, the haldi ceremony is performed before weddings. Turmeric makes up the majority of this vibrant yellow paste, which is applied to the bride and groom’s bodies. Haldi is believed to ward off evil spirits, promise a life of prosperity, and make the couple have a beautiful glow on their wedding day. We think this tradition is beautiful and should be celebrated.

Unfortunately, there’s a horrible truth that isn’t often talked about. In South Asia, almost 50% of girls are married before their 18th birthday. We don’t want something as amazing as the haldi ceremony to be associated with child marriage. We’ve made it our mission to help empower girls and prevent future child brides. ”

” We’re donating 10% of our profits to Plan International Canada’s Hatibandha Project in 2018. “


Every time you buy something from our YLLO Beauty range, you help :

  • Improving access to secondary education, especially for girls, by constructing girls’ dormitories and setting up boat services that can take teachers and students to and from school during the rainy season.
  • Getting girls in school and working with the community on skills training, micro-finance, and income-generating initiatives targeted at girls and women.
  • Helping to raise awareness of gender discrimination and the importance (to everyone) of changing social practices and attitudes so that girls and women can take their rightful place as equal members of the community.
  • Training teachers and purchasing school supplies.
  • Installing separate latrines for boys and girls in primary schools.
  • Train local staff and volunteers to deliver emergency and obstetric care to women, along with tools and information to support better family planning, healthier pregnancies, safer deliveries, breast feeding and vastly improved maternal nutrition and infant care.
  • Helping schools reopen quickly after a disaster.
  • Teaching children how to swim.
  • Distributing disaster emergency kits.
  • Educating community members on how to build disaster-resilient housing, store food, and protect their lives and property.
  • Helping schools build disaster-resilient latrines and implementing some basic and highly effective practices for safeguarding health and the local water supply.


So what do we think, will you be giving sulfur a try in your beauty routine? There are numerous benefits to this natural yellow substance, so why not? Plus, it’s so cool that companies like Yllo Beauty are bringing high-quality, vegan beauty products to you while also helping effect positive, social change. I don’t know about you but I feel great all around using these products. It does both my skin and heart good. 🙂

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