Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

A little hobby of mine, is to find trendy airbnbs.. I get so much satisfaction out of discovering cool places to stay! (Funny, I know! lol) This hobby isn’t always the easiest however. Sometimes it requires a lot of digging and time spent searching through Airbnb. The other day I knew I wanted to take a brief trip to Philly, which is what led me to the discovery of Lokal Hotel! Philly is only a 4 hour drive from where I live, so I think it’s the perfect place to get away if I’m in need of a mini vacation. Which is why I was so excited to team up with Lokal Hotel to share with you this insanely aesthetically pleasing space!

So now if you ever find yourself visiting Philly, you’ll know exactly where to stay! 🙂 Yep you’re welcome, you can now skip the not so fun part of trip planning and get on with the fun stuff. If you love a good aesthetically pleasing space, than keep scrolling to read about trendy airbnbs: Lokal Hotel.


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Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

// Before getting into this post, I just want to state that all thoughts and opinions within this post are my own. //

During our stay at Lokal Hotel, we felt completely taken care of. Everything we could of possibly wanted was there for us. Whether it may have been coffee, Netflix or even a bar cart with the essentials to make cocktails, it was all there for our enjoyment! It’s for this reason that I love staying at thoughtful Airbnbs like Lokal and Renew of Lancaster. Walking into their spaces, you feel like they couldn’t add even one more detail to make it more perfect. All your needs have been thought of and the spaces are so well decorated as if they had the thought in mind of helping hook you up with an Insta-worthy photo opp. For all the aesthetic-obsesed Instagrammer’s reading, you’re about to be impressed with the photo’s below!

Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

My Initial Thoughts:

Stefan and I arrived at Lokal during the late afternoon, as check in here is anytime after 3pm. We had spent the day driving in the early a.m. to Philly and then exploring around town. We love the area around Rittenhouse Square and took the time to shop at Urban and grab a coffee from Elixr,among many other fun places we explored.

Lokal Hotel is an invisible service hotel, so you never actually meet any of the staff in person. Instead, they equip you with everything you need from apps to a very helpful book filled with restaurant and local recommendations. If you ever need help, their staff is just a call away and if you want to be checked in by a person, they’ll send one of their team members down! I think it’s a very innovative concept and I’m personally all for it! We had no issues during our stay and easily got in using the codes we were given for both the building and our room.

When you walk in, you enter a small lobby-like area. They have magazines for you to read and information on biking if you’d like to do that! After stepping into the lobby area, we walked up the stairs to find our room, which was the “Billy.” We were blown away by the vibe/aesthetic of the space. When you walk into the Billy apartment, it feels very open and well thought out.

It instantly gets you in the right frame of mind to actually begin relaxing. Given that we had been traveling that day, I didn’t fully relax until we entered the room. It was then that I could let my hair down, make myself a drink and chill out.

Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

Location & Amenities: 

Lokal Hotel is located in Old City Philly, which is a pretty prime location if you ask me! Located on a street home to many boutiques, you’ll find that walking around town is a great way to spend your evenings at Lokal. As a photographer, I seriously enjoyed walking around because the weather was prime for it and this side of Philly is very historical so there are many photo opportunities! A couple places I recommend stopping in are the beautiful flower shop Petite Jardin en Ville and The Geisha House. Geisha is a modern women’s clothing boutique with a very much FP vibe. If you love boho fashion as much as me then I definitely recommend you pop in while you’re in Philly!

As I had said above, Stefan and I stayed in the Billy apartment. We found that this space was more than suitable for the two of us and particularly enjoyed the view outside our windows! Lokal is located on a very exciting side of town, filled with many boutiques and cafes. Perhaps more impressive than the location however, are the many amenities that come with your apartment.

The Billy is a studio apartment equipped with a Bosch washer, iPad concierge apps, Sonos soundbar system, Apple and cable tv and a queen sized bed. And let me just say, we need to talk particularly about the concierge apps you receive with your room. In my Instagram stories, Stefan and I shared the Caviar App and how it works. This little guy is a handy thing.. It gives you the ability to order from several restaurants in Philly and receive your food at your doorstep! It’s very similar to many food delivery apps I’ve heard of before but it’s just so cool that Lokal has this in every room. Along with food, you can also order groceries and beer through Caviar. Um, can it get any better?? I think not!

Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel Trendy Airbnbs: Lokal Hotel

In Conclusion:

To wrap things up, I’m one happy guest! I enjoyed my stay with Stefan and it certainly gave me a much needed, brief vacation. We loved laying low in our apartment, watching the Pen’s game and ordering in food. (We decided to go with HipCity Veg for food, it was a good choice!) When you go on vacation, I can’t stress how important it is to stay somewhere nice. Sure, this may be something that’s crossed your mind before but do you truly make it a top priority? If you don’t, I urge you to for future trips! I can’t tell you how much truly, where you stay can make all the difference. It really does pay to have a relaxing, beautiful space to come back to. My only wish is that we could’ve stayed longer!

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