Your New Favorite Dress is in the Guy’s Section

It’s summer, a fact I’m almost certain you already know.. 😉 But while this fact may be blatantly obvious, I’ve got a little tidbit to share with you that’s probably never crossed your mind. When you’re about to spend the night scouring the internet for your new favorite dress or popping into your go-to stores, what department do you shop in? If I had to take a guess, I’m betting it’s the women’s department! Well if you’re the type of girl that likes to shake things up for all the right reason, that I’ve got a fun life hack for you. Hint hint, your new favorite dress is in the guy’s section so stick around to find out why!


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Your New Favorite Dress

is in the Guy’s Section


So what’s all this buzz about the guy’s section? Well friends, it all started one silly evening at a Target.. Doesn’t every good story start with: “So I was at Target..” I mean what else are you supposed to do when you live in the dreaded suburbs? Anyway, I was at Target and Stefan and I decided to hop over to the men’s section. He loves their men’s department and I’ve been getting band tee’s from there for sometime now. On that one particular day however, I stumbled upon a beauty of a t-shirt. It was a Beatles band tee in the size medium.

As a short girl, this t-shirt fell just above my knees and had a certain amount of roominess to it that looked perfect. It was then that I realized oversized tee’s from the mens section kinda make for the perfect dress! And with the price tag at just $7.50, I knew I wasn’t leaving Target that night without it.. So what does this look like for you? I can imagine what you’re thinking right now. “Thats cool Marah that you like your oversized tee but how do I make it look cute?” Don’t you worry, we’re just about to tackle that!


How to Rock a Men’s Tee..


The Casual Way:

There are an infinite number of ways to wear a men’s tee as a dress but I’m just going to stick with two ways. The first one will be best suited for exploring, running errands or say, casual dates and concerts? I think you catch my vibe here. This is the way I’m wearing my new favorite dress below. I paired it with a denim jacket, although I will say a much more oversize one would look better but I worked with what I had. I don’t like fully wearing my denim jackets, I feel it looks much cooler draped. However depending on what you’ll be doing in this look, that may not be ideal. In which case I say try tying the jacket around your waist instead!

To accessorize I went with a modern pair of gold earrings I also found that same night at Target. (I guess you could say I scored big that night.) I think the earrings add a nice feminine detail to outweigh the fact that you’re wearing a men’s shirt. lol To keep things super chill and errand-friendly, I’m wearing my good old pair of converse tennishoes. However, I think a pair of checkered Van’s would look absolutely killer. If only I had a pair!

For a Night Out:

Alright, so you’re not just running errands tonight..What do you wear then? Well, I’m glad you asked because I’ve got a great idea up my sleeve! Trade those tennis shoes in for a pair of ankle booties with a bit of a heel. The coolest way you could go with this would be to wear a white or red patent pair, in my opinion. Add a lil sass to this look with a gold chocker and a longer necklace to layer. I also suggest throwing your hair up in a high pony if you really want to drive the look home. Trust me, you’ll have heads turning if you combine all these elements into one look. And if you need an extra layer? Go for something a little less casual than a denim jacket, like a fringe kimono. I’d go with a black one, or any neutral one, really. Now that you have an idea of how to style a men’s tee, check out how I wore it below!

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