They Can’t Dull Your Sparkle

Growing pains, they happen to everyone. The duration of how long they last depends person to person. Why they might be inhabiting your life? Well that’s a question you must ask yourself to overcome the current struggle you’re enduring. My growing pains have made a bit of a temporary home in me this year. At age 21, I feel at a very crucial point in my life. There’s so much ground to cover and yet even more work to be done.

I’m building the foundational basis off which the rest of my life will lie on. In doing so, there are a couple great struggles and hidden lessons within I believe I am learning. One of these being, not allowing anyone to dull my sparkle. It’s the basic concept of focusing on your own sh*t and not worrying about anyone else and what they’re doing. Focusing entirely on being your best, creating the art that makes you most proud and paying no mind to what others think of it or you.

While I am by no means a master of this, as it’s my current struggle I’m working through, I am learning a lot along the way. If you feel like you could stand to improve on no longer allowing anyone to dull your sparkle, than this may be just the post you needed to stumble upon today. And as you learn how to shine and sparkle in your own way, I’m going to ever so artfully add in a practical tip for you that will be a game changer for you in the business world.. ūüėČ So please fellow creative, know this: they can’t dull your sparkle! Allow me to share with you how to believe this on a much deeper level.


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They Can’t Dull Your Sparkle

They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle

// Before getting into this post, I just want to state that all thoughts and opinions within are my own. Today’s read is brought to you by Basic Invite //


Rule #1 

Aquire a Fierce Level of Creative Confidence

There are two ways in the creative space (even largely, within the business world) that I believe can elevate you to a level in which you may stick out and shine. One of these ways involves a certain level of creative confidence. A trait not so easily obtained, that has in my experience, required years of working at. (and I still don’t feel I’m entirely there yet.) But when you have confidence in your art, it shows. Negative words are no longer able to creep into your life and a sense of boldness will glow from you.

Such a simple, basic concept and yet not found in every creative you’ll meet. I believe the closer you are to your art the harder it is to not allow negative outside forces to bring you down. The more it reflects who you are within, the more personal it is. I feel this on a deep level. Everything I put out on the internet is a direct reflection of myself. It’s very open and raw.

If you can grow into a beautiful creative who can reveal themselves through art and provide personal shelter from their sparkle fading, then you my friend have achieved true creative confidence. And why yes, in fact, at that point no one can touch you. The beauty of inner and outer confidence, lies within it’s freeing effects. You feel your soul freed as no exterior threats can touch you. Almost as if you’ve created a fortress for yourself that no one can trespass. A sacred place for all the amazing thoughts running through your mind to run wild! It’s within this place, that you can grow into the innovating individual you aspire to be. As you attempt to climb the ladder and make all your dreams a reality, to get to this place. It’s a journey much like that of a drama but has a plentiful pay out.

And so with this, I tell you: they can’t dull your sparkle. No negative voice can fade your art’s sparkle when you block negative energy out. Go into nature or whatever place inspires you and create magic that you’ve been daydreaming to. Forget what anyone thinks, what type of criticism you may receive and fiercely create that idea anyway.

They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle

Rule #2

Create a beautiful brand & Share it 

Now that I’ve provided you with a more abstract piece of advice, it’s time for a little practicality. When sticking out and shining in the creative world, a distinct, recognizable brand is critical. Once you have taken your mind to a freeing place in which there are no creative limitations, a beautiful brand can be born! There are many ways to create a brand and to share it with the world, so let’s break it down a little.

Quick Key Points for Creating a Brand:

– choose a vibe that reflects who you are and is a most accurate depiction of yourself

(Ex: boho, girly, nature, colorful, minimal, etc.)

– create a color scheme that reflects your vibe with a couple colors and neutrals

( Ex: mine is earthy tones like greens, blues and browns, with white here and there)

– share content that reflects your vibe

( Ex: my vibe is boho, so I share boho fashion & interiors along with my adventures in nature)

Quick Key Points for Sharing Your Brand:

– build a presence on social for your brand.. from Instagram, to YouTube, Twitter, etc.

(Basically wherever your audience shows up on the regular)

– craft a website that follows your brand’s style guidelines (what we talked about above)

– create creative business cards that you can share for networking and growth purposes

They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle

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There’s a lot of power in having materials to pass out during the right opportunity. As we talked about above, honing in on ways to allow your brand to shine will do amazing things for your goals as a creative. So provide your unique brand with the best possible opportunity for success and build that creative confidence and create a set of business cards. And if you need a little design help, don’t worry because they have¬†business card templates¬†already prepared for you to customize!

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They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle They Can't Dull Your Sparkle

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