A Whimsical Gift Guide for Floral Enthusiasts

Let me just begin this post by saying:

I, from here on out, vow to put an end to generic holiday gift guides! This year, let’s give gifts intentionally, with careful consideration behind each one.

With this idea in mind, I’ve created a mini-series of holiday gift guides that each touch upon a variety of hobbies & interests. That way we can finally put an end to the awkwardly, unenthusiastic, “Thank You’s” and instead, bring a genuine smile to whomever we’re gifting to this year.

If you have a floral enthusiast on your shopping list, then you’re in the right spot, because I’ve created a gift guide with all the best recommendations, at your fingertips! From gardening supplies, to books, floral print goodies, and so much more! Allow me to inspire you as the ever challenging process of holiday shopping begins.



A Whimsical Gift Guide for Floral Enthusiasts

A Whimsical Gift Guide for Floral Enthusiasts

A Whimsical Gift Guide for Floral Enthusiasts
A Whimsical Gift Guide for Floral Enthusiasts

1. Glass Plant Mister

Ask any chronic plant collector, and they’ll tell you a mister is absolutely essential. I sadly still do not own one but it’s at the top of my list! (And it may hold a place on this gift guide as a hint..;)) Plant misters are great if you have air plants, which only require a mist every week or so, or humidity-loving plants. Not to mention it’s the cutest looking mister. And why not proudly decorate with it on your shelf? It’s definitely cute enough for that too!

2. Watering Can

Because, duh, how ya gon feed those plants fashionably without a watering can with a cute design?? I’m linking this cute lil option because I know your floral enthusiast of a pal will love it!

3. Garden Scissors

Again, why not get fancy with the gardening/flower care tools? As a fellow floral admirer & devotee, I know the importance of a pretty pair of scissors. Why? Because every weekend I buy a fresh bouquet of flowers, and to keep them from dying, I need to utilize my handy scissors to trim the stems everyday.That’s where a cute pair of scissors for trimming so graciously comes in. 😉

4. Woven Market Backpack

If she/he loves flowers, then they probably love the farmers market too. Now theres a guess I can knowingly make in confidence! (Because when you know, you know.) Help your botanical obsessed friends collect all the market fresh flowers or those beauties from a field, in fashion. I know myself, I’d love a market backpack like this.

5. Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden Book

And once the floral obsession has hit a new level, they’ll probably start thinking it’s about time to grow flowers on their own..and when that day comes, they will need resources! So help a girl out and gift them with a cut flower garden book, so the obsession can proceed. Trust me, I’m already daydreaming of the flowers I’ll be growing in spring. 🙂

6. The Stylist Box- Honey Silks & Co.

How to create the perfect floral bouquet: Well..after you curate a beautiful arrangement of blooms, add a hand dyed, silk ribbon. And bam, you’ve just added the most beautiful, delicate detail that is currently trending in the wedding florist world! Honey Silks & Co. is one of the industry leaders and currently offers a stylist box with all the essentials. Grace your florist friend with this gift under the tree and she’ll feel like a kid on Christmas.

7. Rosa Enamel Pin by Rifle Paper Co.

It’s not enough to decorate with flowers, you need to wear them too! Maybe you’re just looking for the perfect, smaller gift to give. Anything made by Rifle Paper Co. is always a solid option, but with a floral design too? I just know a flower pin would be the sweetest little gift!

8. Pressed Flower Wax Sachets

We take this obsession of blooms seriously, so why not spread beautiful scents throughout your home/apartment via natures best option, flowers! Terrain always has the most unique and equally sweetest gifts to give, including this set of two pressed flower wax sachets.You simply hang or place them wherever you’d like the scent to spread!

9. Hello Welcome Mat

I know, I know, not exactly a gift limited to floral enthusiasts alone. But, how adorable is the whimsical floral pattern of it? I felt this welcome mat would likely be the mat of any botanically inclined person’s dreams! Which is why I just had to include it. In fact, the Etsy shop from which this floral printed mat comes from is called Olive Creative Company and is truly a gem of a shop. Her craft goods are adorable & Instagram feed is equally so!

10. Poinsettia Grow Kit

There’s nothing more relaxing and fun, than growing a plant. I recently spent an evening growing Christmas basil and paper whites from a grow kit. Something I hadn’t done since, probably childhood? And it was a peaceful experience, to say the least! Give your fellow floral enthusiast the gift of a slow, peaceful activity with a poinsettia grow kit!

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