A Modern #ImSoMartha Holiday Gift Guide for Kitchen Dwellers

Important question: do you follow the I’m so Martha hashtag on Instagram? Well, it’s an absolute must and I’ll tell you why.. Some of Instagram’s most talented baking/cooking bloggers post their beautiful creations under this hashtag. This curated feed of amazing pastries and drool-worthy food had me inspired to create a gift guide I imagine avid posters & viewers of the hashtag, would love to receive a gift from. After a couple hours dedicated to searching the inter-web and a chestnut praline coffee in hand, I bring to you a modern #imsomartha holiday gift guide for kitchen dwellers, that’s sure to have the receiver of your gift over the moon excited! Each item included below is unique, pretty and bound to make someone happy. Continue scrolling to see what my gift guide includes!


A Modern #ImSoMartha Holiday Gift Guide

for Kitchen Dwellers

A Modern #ImSoMartha Holiday Gift Guide  for Kitchen Dwellers A Modern #ImSoMartha Holiday Gift Guide  for Kitchen Dwellers

A Modern #ImSoMartha Holiday Gift Guide for Kitchen Dwellers 1. Dorina Utensil Jar

You may or may not be aware that I’m quite the fan of bunnies.. If that’s so, it probably comes at no surprise then, to see that I’m linking a utensil jar with a bunny on it. I think it’s just such a fun, whimsical piece most people probably don’t have! So if you’re looking for something cute and unique, this is it!

2. Blossom Bundt Pan

Every baker needs a bundt pan! Why not gift them this beautiful copper one? Friends & family, take notes. I’ve had my eye on this for a while.. 😉

3. Metal Recipe Box

Most bakers and cooks have a plethora of recipe cards passed down to them, within the family. Instead of jamming then in a closet, give them a beautiful and honorable way to display them! If they’re stored in something cute like this, they’ll probably be more likely to actually use the recipes more often, too!

4. Gallberry Honey 

I don’t know about your family, but mine loves local, high-quality honey. While this may not be honey picked up from a roadside farm stand, it’s definitely the next best thing! Honey is great with so many dishes, it’s a staple any kitchen dweller would love to have around.

5. Butter Mix-In, Lavender

As soon as I stumbled upon this handy mix on Terrain, I knew I couldn’t create this gift guide without it! I’m quite the fan of lavender and know that it’s a growing trend within the foodie industry. If you have a more diverse, adventurous someone to buy for this year, try gifting them mix-in lavender butter.

6. Linen Apron

Anyone spending a lot of time in the kitchen needs an apron. Help them update the one they already have with this cute option!

7. Lily & Val-Fall Botanical Recipe Card Pack

Does this one really need much of an explanation? I mean how beautiful is the design of these recipe cards? I’m not sure if this is true, but it seems the prettier things are, the more motivated we are. If thats the case and I had recipe cards like these, I’d never leave the kitchen!

8. Source and Tradition Crackle Split Charcuterie Board

Those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen will likely be hosting guests a lot. If they’re serving ware is a little laking, you may want to help them update! I found this beautiful set of split charcuterie boards that would be sure to up their presentation game.

9. The Year of Cozy: 125 Recipes, Crafts and Other Homemade Adventures

And finally, we need to talk about this book.. Composed of 125 recipes, crafts and other homemade adventures, it’s sure to be any baker/cook/or diyer’s dream. I know myself, that I absolutely love all the creative ideas packed within it.

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