Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

I love giving gifts to the special people in my life, but sometimes I’m stuck on what exactly to give! With Galentine’s Day around the corner, I thought what better time to share a diy gift idea for your gals? (And thinking ahead, why not Mother’s Day too?) Recently I discovered a similar blog post that was my source of inspiration for today’s post, that you can see here. So if you’re curious how this works, read along and make a diy mimosa caddy with me!



Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

This is definitely one of the more easier diys you’ll find yourself attempting. So go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. I’m not exactly a pro at diys, so I knew I’d have to make this little project more basic for my skill set. lol I love this idea for giving your hostess at a Galentine’s day brunch or to your bestie who loves a good mimosa. It’s so simple, inexpensive and looks adorable. So let’s talk how to make one!

The Materials:

– a drink caddy

As I searched for the perfect drink caddy, I soon found that they’re not exactly easy to find. Luckily, my mom had an antique milk caddy in her kitchen, so after several unsuccessful shopping trips, I went with this option. If you’re having trouble finding a caddy, try searching  through these options on Etsy. I also found a couple cute options here and here.

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

– sparkling rosé or champagne

Alright, you may judge me but I went with Cupcake Vineyard’s sparkling rosé because the packaging was prettiest. I love how a mimosa tastes with rosé too, okay?

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

– juice 

This is where you can have a lot of fun! Don’t feel obligated to go for the typical favorite, orange juice. I personally love how a grapefruit mimosa tastes, so that’s what I included. If you can fit it in your caddy, consider even including more than one type of juice for variety. For a nice presentation, put the juice in a swing bottle, like this one!

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

– stemless champagne flutes + paper straws

Don’t forget to add champagne flutes to enjoy the mimosas in! I liked the look of stemless champagne flutes for this diy, especially because they sit easier in the caddy. For a pretty presentation factor, I put pink paper straws in the flutes and garnished them with a flower & fresh mint.

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

– mint for garnishing

Include additional mimosa essentials, such as mint! You can find this in the fresh produce section, with all the other herbs. Just as I suggested with the juice, try putting it in a glass container so the overall presentation of the caddy looks nice! I had a small one already lying around but try putting the fresh mint in a small shadow box for a beautiful touch!

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

– pretty details like flowers + ribbon

You can’t finish a diy without adding pretty details! This caddy was in need of a little something special, so I tied pink ribbon on the handle and added a small mason jar of flowers. If you live close to a Trader Joe’s I can’t recommend enough checking their flower selection. That’s where I found these beauties!

Make a DIY Mimosa Caddy With Me

And that’s all there is to it! So what do you think? Are you going to give this diy a try? If so, comment below what occasion you’d like to create this mimosa caddy for. Although, if you ask me, you never really need a reason for mimosas. 😉 They’re just too good, am I right? Don’t forget to follow along with me on Instagram for behind the scenes of the blog and get all the inspiration from me on Pinterest. Social links to these are right below. Enjoy!

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