3 Earthy Ways to Garnish Cocktails This Spring

Let me just be totally open about it, I can hardly contain my excitement for spring being just around the corner! I’ve even gone so far as to Google the first day of spring multiple times.. (Why multiple times? Because I have poor memory you guys. lol) It’s March 20th. You’re welcome. 😉 With spring right around the corner, I’ve been inspired to start sharing all the floral, bright entertaining inspiration with you! That’s why today I’m writing about 3 earthy ways to garnish cocktails this spring. Use these ideas when throwing a spring brunch for your girls, or maybe during a fun little cocktail hour at your place. However you plan to entertain this spring, make sure to serve your drinks in the only way that is appropriate for the fresh season: garnished in earthy details!

3 Ways to Garnish Cocktails This Spring

  Option One: Tie baby’s breath with ribbon to the stem of your glass

I can promise you now, you’ll never see a more magical looking cocktail than one wrapped in baby’s breath! To achieve this look, it only requires three small steps.

Step One: Cut down the stems of baby’s breath

The stems of baby’s breath will naturally be too long for your glass. That’s why in this step you will need to cut them down to a length that is perfect for your glass. This will of course vary glass to glass.

Step Two: Cut a small piece of floral tape.

You’ll use this material to wrap the baby’s wreath around the stem of your glass. Once you have done this step, take a moment to mess with and rearrange the pieces of baby’s breath into a look that you can admire.

Step Three: Cover the floral tape

To cover the unappealing look of floral tape, tie a ribbon around the stem and make a delicate bow.

Option Two: Garnish cocktails with fresh herbs

This option is very straight forward. If you’re not feeling crafty enough for the first option, this will be your go to. Fresh herbs not only add a nice presentation factor, but also create a nice aroma when sipping on drinks. There are many herb options but my most favorite ones are rosemary and thyme. Simply take a couple sprigs and pop them into your drink. Yeah, that’s it!

Option Three: Clip Lavender to the brim of your glass

I love this idea because it’s something you don’t see often. Also, lavender is definitely popular right now and I’m all about it. I mean, have you tried a lavender latte before? If you hold a special place in your heart for lavender, then you’ll love this diy..

Step One: Cut a couple pieces of lavender

Like the first diy, you will need to trim your lavender down a bit. I recommend taking about 3-4 sprigs of lavender for this cocktail diy.

Step Two: Clip these pieces of lavender with a close pin

To hold the lavender in place, I used a mini close pin. (These are easily found at just about any craft store) I recommend using this diy on a stemless champagne flute. It seems to look best on it!

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