A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a couple beautiful wineries and breweries in and around Cleveland, Ohio. Each one containing extensive drink selections, unique aspects and helpful staff. I’m no stranger to the Cleveland area, as it’s just a short 2 hour drive from Pittsburgh. I have taken many day trips to this fun city, so any excuse I have to visit, I will take. (As if an excuse is even needed)I am so excited to partner with Ohio Wines, to show off a couple gems I discovered in Ohio when I visited. If you’d like to see what they are, just keep on reading!


A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio

A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio

// Before getting into this post, I just want to state that all thoughts and opinions within are my own. Today’s read is brought to you by Ohio Wines //

During my time in Ohio, I visited a couple different spots, including Bookhouse Brewing, Cle Urban Winery, Noble Beast Brewing and Gervasi Vineyard. If you enjoy spending time at wineries or breweries, and ever happen to find yourself in Ohio, I can’t recommend these spots enough. Each one had a unique atmosphere, offering and provided me with a different experience. I’ve done the “work” (because is sipping wine even work, really?) for you, and checked these spots out. If you’re curious what my thoughts are, then let’s dive deeper into what each of these spots has to offer and what I ordered.

A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio

The Breweries:

Bookhouse Brewing

What I love most about Bookhouse, is that they’re not only a brewery but a cozy spot to read. When you first walk in, you’ll notice that the first room is filled to the brim with books. Continuing through, you’ll then find the bar. But more on the books part. They have a bookshare program where you can take a book and leave one of your own for someone else to enjoy.

I spent most of my time at Bookhouse Brewing sipping on their cider (which I 10/10 recommend) while reading about film photography. It was an incredibly relaxing experience that I hope to recreate next time I’m in the city. You can find them in Cleveland on 1526 W 25th st. They are a must to check out!

A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio

Noble Beast Brewing

Moving onto Noble Beast… Located right in downtown Cle, on 1470 Lakeside, it’s a must see. The atmosphere inside is really cool, the food is delicious and the drinks are equally satisfying. I enjoyed a glass of prosecco and tried their veggie sandwich on Spent Grain Grill Bread with cucumber, radish, pickled Beets, arugula, white cheddar, almond butter and garlic aioli. It was delicious and had such an interesting combination different from anything I’ve had before! Noble Beast is the perfect spot if you’re looking to grab some food and enjoy a couple drinks, with a decent size draft and wine list.

A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio

The Wineries:

Cle Urban Winery

Not looking to travel out to the middle of nowhere but still want the experience of a winery? Cle Urban Winery is your perfect option, if that’s the case. They have a cozy atmosphere within, a great selection of wine and very helpful staff. Find them on 2180B Lee rd, Cleveland Heights.

A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio A Dreamy Early Summer Trip to Ohio

Gervasi Vineyard

The most extensive experience I had on my trip, involved visiting Gervasi Vineyard. Located in Canton, Ohio and just an hour outside of the city, they are a destination all on their own. The experience does not begin or end with a winery, but includes restaurants and accommodations. Whether it be enjoying a nice evening dinner at The Bistro (serving rustic, upscale Italian cuisine), The Crush House ( contemporary wine bar and eatery), or The Piazza which has seasonal patio dining. One things for sure, there are many options available!

In addition to restaurants to eat at, Gervasi also has a unique spot called The Still House which is a cafe serving coffee by day and a cocktail lounge by night. One of the evenings I spent here, they had live music, too! In addition, I enjoyed strolling around the beautiful grounds of the vineyard. If you’re interested in making a weekend out of exploring a vineyard, Gervasi has luxurious accommodations within their new boutique hotel, “The Casa.” If something a little more laid back is suitable to you, The Farmhouse has a more relaxed feel. And if you wish you could be in Italy? Try staying in their tuscan inspired accommodations, “The Villas.”

As you can gather from my raving review, Gervasi Vineyard has so much to offer. It’s an experience unlike one I’ve ever had at a winery, so I cannot recommend a trip there enough. Enjoy a couple photos of my experience there and then hop in your car for a relaxing, dreamy weekend there!

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